Our Histroy

Abu and McConkie Investment Limited (AMIL) was established to promote foreign investments into Africa. With Africa being the last frontier in terms of development in infrastructure, manufacturing, human and other investments, AMIL finds it exciting to be part of the transformation that is currently happening on the continent. It is a continent with great natural and human resources. It is our vision to find and guide foreign investors to partner with local investors and governments to bring the best out for the mutual benefit of all the players.


  •  Promoting Foreign Direct Investments into Africa
  •  Assisting in establishing businesses in Africa
  •  Facilitating land acquisition for various projects in Africa
  •  Helping to secure foreign funding for infrastructural, manufacturing and other projects in Africa;
  •  Identifying professionals and making human resources available to foreign investors;
  •  Researching new opportunities across all sectors and presenting them to foreign investors;
  •  Undertaking and due diligence on existing businesses in Africa on behalf of foreign investors

Company Mission

To provide general consulting services for clients in and outside Africa. We seek for and present opportunities around the world to our clients. We have a team of highly connected and experienced associates in the United States who identify businesses and investors toand encourage them to invest in Africa.

Value of our

We also have assisting companies develop appropriate corporate Social responsibility plan.AMIL also finds opportunities and does all the research and due diligence on the project, and present to investors through our foreign associates. AMIL either become an equity owner in the business or the investor buys the opportunity and is assisted by AMIL to execute the project for a fee.We find other consultants around to work with