Brent Israelson

Mr. Israelsen is an experienced attorney and businessman with deep roots in the practice of law, business, innovation.


Intermountain Business Forms started in April of 1986 by Jerry C. Cook. Intermountain Business Forms specialized in the distribution of all types and kinds of business forms related to printing, subsequently incorporated in April of 1993. The growth of the business and customer demands led to the acquisition of printing equipment and in house production as well as distribution.

Why We Started Inergy

Inergy began as an idea between a few passionate individuals, but that passion soon caught fire; aided by the driving mission behind the company, to change the world by delivering affordable solar energy to the masses, Inergy has become one of Idaho’s most successful tech startups, and continues to grow by cultivating a team of extraordinarily talented and passionate individuals.


Sprout Marketing

Since 2002, Sprout has assured the successful launch and growth of businesses with a unique CMO-for-hire model. Using skilled marketers, proven methodologies and affordable fees, Sprout has worked with more than 250 companies and increased revenue by over $400 million across its client portfolio. Of those client companies, 90% are thriving or have already achieved an exit.