Abu McConkie will assist you in creating trusted relationships and finding business partners that will help build your business in Africa, one of the last great frontiers for developing untapped natural and human resources. Based on our experience, expertise, and feet-on-the-ground we move your project rapidly with confidence, professional precision and a sense of purpose. We produce results accompanied with cloud-based monitoring and timely reporting without long-term agreements. We like to partner and joint venture with our clients when appropriate; this approach cuts your costs and shares risks.

Our sweet spot is the 13 countries of Sub-Saharan West Africa for our recommended expansion of your business and and introduction of your products and services. These countries are growing fast, have more stable business supportive governments, and the demand for products and services is strong. These countries have higher than average trained population, significant untapped resources and a need for capital, expertise, goods and services. Business can grow rapidly.

The Principals of Abu McConkie have many years of experience in building businesses, using local legal, accounting, and banking sources, and have many trusted professional associates in all industry segments. We have worked with the various sovereign ministries and have many connections throughout the various cities and villages in West Africa.

We at Abu McConkie also believe that successful companies can and should create a significant positive social impact. The Principals have spent years in developing schools, working with NGOs, and other non-profit organizations that have impacted the lives of hundreds of men, women and children throughout West Africa.

Our experience spans Agriculture, Construction, Energy, Mining, Real Estate, and Transport industry segments and our services include complete virtual Back Office, Business Development and Project Management. We facilitate funding from global private and sovereign banks and funding organizations. Our fees are based on your success without your being tied to long-term complicated contracts. We look forward to serving your needs.



We are expert in providing general consulting services in the field of mining and technology. We have our experts who assist in the mining projects.



The development of agriculture in the country. We help to initiate the foreign investment that is necessary for the establishment and functioning of the agricultural sector.


Construction and Real Estate

We have great expertise to assist you in the field of construction and real estates. Our experts are knowledgeable and they provide expert advice .


Imports and Exports

We provide exports&imports service in this field & we are known to provide the best piece of advice that is required to monitor the business of exports&imports.


Advise on setting up businesses in Ghana

Our expert professionals are always present to provide the best known advice that is necessary to set up businesses in Ghana. Make it functional with the pace of time.

Who We Are

Promoting Foreign Direct Investments into Africa. Undertaking research and due diligence on existing businesses in Africa on behalf of foreign investors.

AMIL does unsolicited due diligence in various industries and makes findings and opportunities available for our clients who might be interested to invest.






John Suisy

Great thought and of course a great idea. Keep it up! Starting a business in Africa and Ghana is no more a day dream.


Jimmy Lara

Wonderful way to promote FDI in Africa. Hats off to this great idea.


Jason White

Nice way of undertaking research on the running businesses in Africa. Good Job!


Rose Watson

You people are really doing a nice job. Finding and guiding the foreign investors to partner with local investors and governments is really the need of the hour.


Rocky Lee

Generous way of providing consulting services for clients from both Africa and outside Africa. I wholeheartedly appreciate the hard work.

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